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Client Services Frequently Asked Questions – Savings & CDs

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What should I do if I lost my passbook?
If you lost your passbook, you can complete a Lost Passbook affidavit with customer service. All signers must sign the document and have it notarized, unless it is signed at the bank. Once this is received, the passbook account will be closed and either reopened with a new number or the funds will be disbursed. There is a $4.00 fee for a lost passbook.

Do you offer club accounts?
We offer a Personal Choice account that is a club account. This may be a statement or a passbook, and may be opened at any time. Customers may deposit, but may not withdraw from these accounts. Checks are set to be mailed the fourth week of October, but customers may choose another month that is more convenient.

What is the minimum age required to open a savings account at MutualOne?
You must be 18 years or older to apply for a saving account. If a parent or guardian is a joint owner on the account, a minor may apply for an account. (Some restrictions may apply).
MutualOne offers KIDZ savings accounts and custodian accounts (UTMA accounts).


Do you offer jumbo rates?
We do not offer jumbo rates. Please refer to our rate page for the most current rate information.

How often do your rates change?
Rates are subject to change on Wednesdays.

Where can MutualOne's current rates be found?
You can find MutualOne rates in a number of convenient places:
See the Rate page on the website
• Call the rate line at 1-888-415-9901
• Look at the rate sheet at one of MutualOne's branches