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Client Services Frequently Asked Questions – Online Banking

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How do I register for Online Banking?
Click here to sign up.
Complete the internet banking registration.
If your registration is successful, you can log in immediately. If your application needs to be reviewed, you will receive an email once your registration is approved.

I cannot log in!
Have you registered for online banking? If not, visit our website, and sign up for Online Banking.
• Do you know your User ID, but forgot your password? Visit the Log In page and click "Forgot Password?"
• Did you forget your User ID? Please call 508-820-4000 for assistance.
• Do you need assistance with your browser? Most browser errors can be solved by simply closing all your browsers and starting a new session. Be sure that all of your Internet browsers are up to date. If you still need assistance, please call 508-820-4000.

Can I receive email alerts?
Signing up for email alerts is easy. Once you log in to online banking, click on the Additional Services tab, then select Mobile Banking and Alerts. Choose from a variety of notifications about your account activity, including but not limited to:
• Balance Alerts
• Check Cleared
• Maturity Date
• Loan Payment Due

How do I export to my Money Management Software (QuickBooks, Quicken, or MS Money)?
In order to export your account history from our Online Banking you must first have the bookkeeping software running on your computer. Then, log into your MutualOne Bank Online Banking as usual. Click on the name of the account from which you would like to export to see the full history.

Select the date range that you would like to export. Click "Quick Export" located on the top right of your account history. Select the file format - make sure your version of your software is one of the listed versions. The system will then export your transactions into the software you already have opened on your computer. Please follow the instructions from your version of your bookkeeping software for handling the information inside its environment.

On your Online Banking page, you can always go back to your account summary by clicking on My Accounts on the blue tool bar.


How do I register for Bill Pay?
• When registering for Online Banking, your account will automatically be reviewed to access Bill Payment Services unless you opt out of Bill Payment on your registration.
• If you already have Online Banking, once you've signed in, select Bill Pay.

Is Bill Pay free?
Yes, Bill Payment Service is free at MutualOne.

Can I have more than one checking account on Bill Pay?
Yes, you may add an account through Online Banking Secure Forms.

How can I add an account to Bill Pay?
Sign in to your online banking, select Secure Forms, complete the Add a Funding Account form, and click submit.

Why are some Bill Pay payments sent electronically and some sent via paper check?
If the vendor you are paying has registered to accept electronic payments, the payment will be sent electronically. If not, a paper check will be sent to the payee at the address you have entered.

When will an authorized payment be debited from my account?
If the payee is being paid with either a paper check or an electronic payment, the amount of the payment will be deducted from your account within 2 business days of the payment processing date.

How long does it take for my Bill Pay payment to arrive?
View the Bill Pay generated Deliver by Date which is based on the payment being sent either electronically or by check.

If a payment is processed through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system, it generally takes three business days from the "send on" date to be received.

If the payment is processed as a check, it generally takes five business days from the "send on" date to be received.

Why does my Bill Pay page take so long to load?
The more payees set up in your Bill Pay profile, the longer it will take to load.

Can I expedite my Bill Pay payment?
If you are making a payment to a payee who only accepts checks and would like the check to arrive at the payee's address the next business day, you may choose the Expedited Payment option from the bill pay menu. There is a convenience fee of $25. If the payee is set up to receive the payment electronically, by ACH, the convenience fee would be reduced to $5.

Can I place a stop payment on a payment made through bill pay?
If the payment is made as a check and has not been paid, please call 1-800-823-7555 or see a customer service representative to place a stop payment.

If the payment already processed or is processed through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system, a stop payment cannot be placed.