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Client Services Frequently Asked Questions – Branch Services

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Are U.S. Savings Bonds available for purchase at MutualOne?
U.S. Savings Bonds can only be purchased by visiting the US Treasury website at http://treasurydirect.gov/.

Are U.S. Savings Bonds redeemable at MutualOne?
Series I, E and EE U.S. Savings Bonds are redeemable at our branches for MutualOne customers only.

Does MutualOne offer Treasurer's Checks for non-customers?
MutualOne does not offer Treasurer's Checks for non-customers.

Does MutualOne offer Money Orders?
Customers may purchase money orders at any of our branches.

Does MutualOne exchange foreign currency?
MutualOne customers may exchange a minimum of $50 of foreign currency. The credit takes approximately 5 business days.

Can I purchase foreign currency at MutualOne?
MutualOne customers may purchase foreign currency by coming into one of our branches and placing an order.
There is a $15 fee to receive the currency before 5 pm the next business day.
There is an $18 fee to receive the currency before 12 pm the next day.
All orders need to be placed before 3 pm the prior business day.

What are MutualOne's wiring instructions?
• MutualOne Bank | 828 Concord Street | Framingham, MA 01701
• ABA Routing #211371816
• Your account number
• Title of your account
• U.S. dollar amount of funds to be transferred