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Client Services Frequently Asked Questions – Mobile Banking

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How do I sign up for Text Message Banking?
Log in to Online Banking and register your cell phone under the Additional Services tab, then Mobile Banking and Alerts. Once you register your cell phone number, you will receive a confirmation code on your phone that you will need to enter into online banking when prompted.

What number do I use to send a text request?
Use the number 454545 to send text requests.

What inquiries are available through MutualOne Text Message Banking?
Once you register with text message banking, you can make requests to 454545 using the following key words:
• Bal: Balance on your primary account
• Bal All : Balance on all of your accounts online
• Last: Last five transactions on your primary account
• Bal chk: Balance on all of your checking accounts online
• Bal sav: Balance on all of your savings accounts online
• Trans: Transfer funds to primary account
You can even register to receive a weekly balance sent to your cell phone.
Standard text messaging rates apply through your cell phone carrier.

Can I transfer using Text Message Banking?
Yes. You can transfer from your selected “source account” to your selected “primary account” using the key word TRANS and the amount you want to transfer.

How many cell phones can I register?
Each Online Banking customer can register two cell phones.

I changed my cell phone. How do I change it in MutualOne Text Message Banking?
Log in to Online Banking and click on the Text Messaging and Email Alerts tab. Deactivate your old cell phone number and register your new cell phone number.


How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?
If you have Online Banking, you already have access to your accounts using your internet enabled cell phone. You may simply login using the same address, www.mutualone.com.

Can I access MutualOne Mobile Banking from any cell phone?
Any cell phone with internet access will allow you to login to your Online Banking using the MutualOne website, www.mutualone.com.

What services are available through Mobile Banking?
Once you are there, you can see your account balances, history, make transfers, and pay bills to existing payees.

Does MutualOne have Mobile Apps?
Yes, MutualOne has apps available for Apple® and Android® devices.